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Eye Care Practitioners know why they need to spend money on stock, optical equipment, staff, premises and so on but often don't really understand what effective marketing will do for the practice. The truth is that marketing is essential for a healthy vibrant practice not an optional extra!

Practices that spend little on marketing can often be busy but unprofitable. They tend to have an older patient base who are reluctant to spend money in the practice. In extreme cases this threatens the viability of the practice.

As a guide, independent practices should spend 5% of the turnover on marketing. Many of the chain opticians spend double this figure and more. The purpose of this investment may be to increase the numbers of patients, it may be to communicate with patients more effectively so that they increase the amount that they spend on professional services, spectacles and contact lenses.

We expect a average 400% return on investment. This means that if you spend £15,000 a year on marketing and promotion, your turnover will increase by £60,000. This ratio will hold good until you reach full capacity in the practice or when the market is saturated. Before we can accept your instructions, we need to ascertain that your practice has the potential to increase sales turnover and profitability.

As the only consultancy specialising in the optical market to be accredited by the Association of Optometrists, our marketing experts can design and develop the following:

  • Your new corporate image;
  • Posters for your practice windows;
  • Posters and notices for display inside your practice;
  • Information/education posters;
  • Presentations for an in-practice television;
  • Practice brochures;
  • Newspaper & magazine advertisements;
  • Radio advertisements;
  • Telephone on-hold advertisements;
  • Press releases;
  • Point of sale leaflets;
  • Leaflet drops;
  • A-Boards and their posters;
  • Mailshots to your existing patients;
  • Recall and reminder texts;
  • Practice Signs;
  • Newsletters;
  • Websites;
  • Stationery;
  • Stuffers;
  • PowerPoint presentations; and
  • Optometrists' case presentations

We work with a number of experts including, copywriters, creative designers, graphic artists and web designers. We can put together the team that will advise which methods of promotion will work best at your practice. The overall cost will vary from practice to practice depending on the objectives. A specific campaign might include a mix 5 or 6 of the above channels.

How do I order?

Visit our online shop, where you can choose for a wide range of marketing materials

Need more information?

Contact us and tick the 'Advertising and Promotion' box and one of our qualified marketing consulants will be in touch to discuss:

  • Your your long term aims and objectives;
  • Our calculation for the potential for increased sales and profits at your practice;
  • The recommended methodology and media; and
  • Our estimate of the costs and timescales. 

This initial discussion is free of charge and without obligation on your part.  If we cannot help or if we believe that there is no room for improvement at your practice we will explain why.  Altenatively telephone us on 0161 929 8389 and ask to speak to a qualified member of the marketing team.