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Set up a new practice

Starting a business from scratchtoday is an extremely high risk strategy that needs careful planning if you are to succeed. Of those that started up since 2008, the failure rate is 72%!  Most practice failures are due to a lack of market research and planning coupled with insufficient initial capital funding.

No matter where you are thinking of starting your new business, if you want to be one of the 28% of optometrists and opticians who do make it, checking out your potential market is essential.   Getting it wrong will cost you tens of thousands of pounds, it could even cost you your home.

The Location Validation Programme is a low-cost tool that reduces the risks that you face associated with starting up a business and increases your likelihood of success.

At Myers La Roche, we use geo-mapping techniques investigate the catchment area surrounding your chosen location - detailing the local population by volume, socio-economics and demographics. The programme considers existing competitors who are already within the catchment area. It estimates the total available market in terms of patient volumes and values. It advises on the financial suitability of specific premises you may already have in mind. In summary, Myers La Roche will offer you advice on whether or not to proceed with starting up the business.

The Location Validation report will also help to give confidence to your bankers, accountants and lawyers that the business is likely to be a success.

The cost of the Location Validation Programme is just £397 (+VAT).  The programme is not available outside of the United Kingdom at present. 

How do I order?

Visit our on-line shop and follow the on-screen instructions.  The current lead time to prepare your Location Validation Report is 20 working days from the time that we receive your instructions but this is subject to the responses to our enquiries from Government Offices and Local Authorities.

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