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Practices Sold Recently

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        To maximise efficiency and confidentiality, larger more profitable businesses and those in areas of high demand are often not openly offered for sale on this website or elsewhere.

For more information on our multi-tiered approach to selling, or on how to access the premium opportunities, please refer to the Gold Club page of this website or call the practice sales team on +44 (0)161 929 8389.

Here are some of the practices that Myers La Roche have sold recently:


Location Turnover
Cornwall £472k
Co Kerry, Ireland €263k
Shropshire £655k
Central London £373k
Central London/West End £290k
West Yorkshire £198k
Kent £456k
Greater Dublin €239k
South Manchester £450k
North East London £261k
Worcestershire £226k
Tyne & Wear £382k
Greater Manchester £239k
Scotland £315k
Surrey £288k
Leicestershire £441k
Merseyside £900k
Bedfordshire £510k
Northern Ireland c.£600k
Norwich £258,252
South Coast c.£1.6m
Leeds £109,763
Hertfordshire £939,507
North London £139,140
West Midlands £747,830
Tyne & Wear £211,431
Tyne & Wear £199,444
North Wales £99,515
Gloucestershire £1.1m
Central London £415,205
West Midlands £116,873
West Midlands £312,664
Lancashire £351,574
Lanarkshire £246,958
Norfolk £98,548
Staffordshire £579,741
Kent £255,432
West Yorkshire £439,352
Warwickshire £202,979
Somerset £659,876
West Midlands £124,399
Devon £194,637
S E London £486,277
W Yorkshire £96,179
Surrey £541,230
Northamptonshire £279,790
Hampshire £120,944
North Lancashire £242,781
Lancashire £135,290
West Midlands £571,634
Essex £114,264
Gloucestershire c.£800,000
Central London £262,086
Coventry £262,009
Cardiff £357,103
East Sussex £200,474
East London £140,898
Northamptonshire £126,000
Essex £356,833
Edinburgh £601,669