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Do I Really Need a Specialist Hearcare Partner?

There are 2 main routes available to optical practice owners:

First, build your own in-house integrated hearing business by engaging a locum audiologist.



Tip: We only recommend that larger, multi-branch optical practices with spare back office capacity set up in-house hearcare services

Second, collaborate with a specialist hearing company to allow them to deliver partner clinics from your premises



A New Approach - Our Partnership Journey

When Myers La Roche investigated the marketplace for Hearcare partner options, none of the main established providers ticked all the boxes that we believe our optical clients require for an optimal solution. 

However, during our research, we identified what we believe to be the best solution in the marketplace. This was being provided by a smaller regional operator. 

We have subsequently been working with this firm to add and refine features to their service to create a genuinely “best of breed” Hearcare partnership solution; and to scale up the enterprise in readiness for it to be rolled out to the wider independent optical market. 

This solution is delivered by an enterprise with over 22 years’ experience of perfecting customer care systems in the audiology space, by staff already responsible for training over 250 audiologists. 

It encompasses all the key ingredients a modern, state of the art audiology partner solution should possess including:

Use of cutting edge technology for both physical and online lead generation - including the patented Hear Screener system - to drive new business into your practice. 

Handpicked and highly trained staff leading to exceptional satisfaction levels from both patients and existing optical clinic partnership ‘host’ sites. The Hearcare team will genuinely become part of your practice team.

A comprehensive, high value launch package of training and marketing to achieve early wins and build confidence and trust from inception. A philosophy of neither overselling nor underselling. All targets and projections are genuinely achievable and are based on steady, ethical and sustainable sales and commissions. An approach designed to enhance your reputation and your bank balance. 

So, in the race for your spare chair time in the year ahead, make sure you back the horse that is right for the long-term success of your practice.  Don’t sign up with anyone else until you have seen our full proposition.

To register your interest or to obtain more information, please contact Myers La Roche on 0161 929 8389 
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