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Is everything you know about independent optics wrong?

Is everything you know about independent optics wrong? 

Are you being manipulated to concede control of your business future?  Are you in danger of making key strategic decisions based on an illusion? 

The independent optical world is now significantly different from even 3 years ago.  The tentacles of the corporates and the big players are everywhere, making it extremely difficult to define who is an independent and who is a multiple.  If you look carefully enough you will find that many of the experts providing “independent” advice are actually in someone else’s pocket and have a wider agenda. 

Does The Independent Sector Even Have a future? 

There appears to be a deliberate strategy to make you feel like it is impossible to run a successful optical business without tying up with a larger corporate - in some shape or form.   We are even seeing the perverse situation in which acquiring groups are providing advice on selling out to their target practices!  

Despite our high profile as optical business transfer and exit planning specialists, Myers La Roche’s core service has and continues to be business consultancy.  For the last 33 years we have helped independent owners navigate a successful and profitable path through an ever changing market. If you wish to remain truly independent and seek advice that is designed solely for your best interests then we would love to help.  

Likewise, if you wish to sell all or part of your business, you need to make sure that you understand your full range of options and have sight of the whole market. We deal with all the players, large and small, so our involvement should ensure that you  achieve the best possible deal.

There is no doubt that the independent market is shrinking, but we believe that for those with passion, proactivity and a willingness to adapt and change, this gives you the chance for your business to stand-out, shine and provide you with an amazing income and lifestyle.  Some of our boldest clients have dropped their NHS contracts and have never looked back, others have carved out clever clinical or fashion niches that have proved to be highly successful.   There is no one size fits all solution, but there are probably more options than you realise.

I would love to talk to you about the kind of future you see and to explore how we can help get you lined up on the right path to achieve your business and personal goals. 

You can call me during office hours on 0161 929 8389 or else on 077 88 99 6505 or email dwatson@myerslaroche.co.uk

I look forward to our conversation.

Dom Watson.
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