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Practice Development Accelerator for Independent Opticians

We all know the drill: we come back from a holiday or short break away full of enthusiasm and eager to make changes to the way we work.  Then, 2 hours back into your first working day, all good intentions have disappeared and you are drowning in the sea of 'normal' working life.  The reality of running a practice, whilst still doing your 'day' job in the consulting room or at the dispensing desk is tough.  Obviously patient needs come first, followed very swiftly by the demands of your staff.   The business and your personal ambitions and aspirations fall well down your list.  The good news is, as a independent owner, you don't have to do it all alone.

This September, we are delighted to be relaunching our Consultancy services, offering truly independent, candid and high value advice to independent optical practices throughout the UK and Ireland. 

Our Practice Development Accelerator allows us to stay true to our roots. Myers La Roche was founded by Patrick Myers over 30 years ago specifically to offer marketing and management consultancy services to optical clients.  In the intervening years, the optical market has changed beyond recognition and the Myers La Roche name has become synonymous with Exit Planning and Practice Sales.  But we have never stopped helping independents add efficiency and value to their businesses. 

Our experience means that we only offer you a tool kit that is relevant - we would never prescribe the same for a fashion led  Practice in Mayfair and a community practice in Middlesborough.  We will not ask you to subscribe to an identikit programme.  We will ask you to commit to make changes both to the way you work and your practice operates that are designed to meet your ultimate objective - whether that is maximising the profit from your business or enabling you to work one day a week less, or perhaps both!

Every Practice Development Accelerator programme starts by 'getting under the bonnet' of your business.  Understanding the KPIs, your patient profiles, your staff skills and your locality and competition.  From there we will work with you to develop a plan which will work, and work beside you as change is implemented and embedded until it becomes everyday normal.

To find out more, please call Dom Watson or Liz Calcutt on 0161 929 8389 or email dwatson@myerslaroche.co.uk

Embrace change today and never again experience those post holiday blues!
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