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We may not have a crystal ball, but here are four positive ways we can help you

1) An altered trading environment requires an adapted operating model
In the post lockdown, pre-vaccine world, 3 key areas will define your success:
Effective communication with patients at every touch point
Efficient and profitable use of chair time
Proactive cost control

Our high value, low cost online ‘Bounce Back’ workshops will ensure you get these right.
Find out more at www.myerslaroche.co.uk/bounceback

2) Deal Checker Service – for owners who have had an approach from a party to purchase a share in, or all of their practice - including those already deep into negotiations.   For obvious reasons, someone who is interested in buying your business is probably not the best party to advise you on what your practice is worth or what typical deal terms look like. 

Our “Deal Checker” service is here to make sure you are getting fair commercial terms in the context of the wider market, with the potential to add tens of thousands to the amount of money you walk away with on execution of your deal.  Please note that if you have signed a non-disclosure agreement – this does not preclude you from talking to us in our capacity as a trusted advisor (in the same way you have a right to take advice from an accountant or lawyer).

3) Thinking of selling either now or in the near future?  The market is extremely dynamic at the moment.  With dozens of deals currently with lawyers we are perfectly placed to advise how values and deal terms are changing.  We can give you the facts to help you decide whether it is best for you to sell up now, whilst latent demand from the lockdown is boosting trading levels, or whether it would be better for you to wait until the economy is looking more positive.

4) VAT Review – let our VAT Expert review your current arrangement, free of charge.  Each year we help numerous practices renegotiate more favourable VAT terms – saving them money going forward and often with a significant 4 or even 5 figure windfall claim for overpaid VAT.  How helpful would this extra cash be for your business?
We are an independent business supporting the independent optical community.  We would love to help you as you negotiate the ‘new normal’ – whatever that may prove to be.  
To find out more about these and a range of other services available to support you through these unprecedented times give us a call or drop us an email.

Telephone: 0161 929 8389                                Email: lcalcutt@myerslaroche.co.uk 
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