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Case Study: The benefits of exit planning to achieve an optimised sale within the optical sector


Following a structured exit plan designed via our Exit 360 PathfinderTM service we have just completed on the sale of an optical practice in West Yorkshire.

The transaction involved a separation of assets comprising a domiciliary business, traditional practice and separate freehold buildings of mixed usage. 

We assisted with the sale of the domiciliary and practice element to 2 different parties, with the physical practice being relocated and merged with another local independent. Our client will now go out to the wider property market to sell the residential and commercial freehold elements. 

 As part of the deal our client has been retained on a part-time consultancy basis at the merged practice.  This will allow him to transition gradually towards retirement and to enjoy more mid-week long walks in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside.

Exit planning and optical business sales can involve many different strategies.

This transaction is a classic example of a situation where the separate individual assets were worth more than the whole. However this is the exception rather than the rule, highlighting how important it is to get the right advice at an early stage.

It is this variety and the satisfaction of adding so much value for our clients that makes our exit planning and brokerage teams here at Myers La Roche love our work so much.

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